Kailey C. Nieman is a Co-Founder,  Vice President of iVoteAmerica. She graduated East Tennessee State University in 2018 where she majored in Political Science and Media and Communications. She is currently in graduate school at Liberty University where she will earn her M.S. in Strategic Communications.

Senator Bob Corker is leaving Washington, and Tennessee is draining our portion of the D.C. Swamp.  We want to send a true conservative to the Senate.

Marsha Blackburn is the right person for the job.  We, like many Tennesseans, are familiar with her track record.   She has taken on the big government that tried to cripple our state and our federal government.  Working for us, even when it was unpopular.  She continues her fight against BIG government.

She believes in individual liberty and will stand up for us in the Senate.  Marsha Blackburn understands the importance of our second amendment.  She is a gun owner and has a concealed carry permit.

She wants to repeal Obamacare and cut spending.  She understands hard work and believes that the fruit of our labor shouldn’t be sent to Washington in excessive taxes.

This is why iVoteTennessee™ is proud to endorse Marsha Blackburn for Senate.

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