Todd McKinley was a 2018 Republican Candidate for Congress in TN-01, he's a retired Army Paratrooper, Bronze Star, Combat Action Badge, and Presidential Service Badge recipient. He’s served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as well 6 ½ years at the White House Communications Agency & White House Military Office. He’s served as an Advance Representative for the Trump Administration, and as an Advance Representative for the 2020 Trump Campaign. Follow Todd: ; ; ; ;

It’s obvious that those on the left are mostly to blame for what we call “cancel culture,” which is nothing more than another weapon in their arsenal, disguised as a virtuous way of righting wrongs. However, I’m not going to go into how this, amongst other despicable and cowardly nonsense, has come about. Instead, I want to briefly touch on the Republican Party’s own brand of cancel culture, and to stop cancel culture elsewhere, we must stop it in our own party.

Before going any further, I should point out, using this type of weapon in the history of civilization is nothing new, which also includes some individuals within the Republican Party who have engaged in this tactic to maintain their positions, which have gone a long way in undermining our nation. Mind you, the version(s) practiced by those in the Republican Party, isn’t the same as what’s been employed by Democrats, but it has still proven detrimental to our nation.

This article isn’t an all-encompassing history of cancel culture, nor will it fully describe the effects it’s had on our nation. However, I hope you’ll take away a few points and consider why we need to immediately push back against cancel culture in our nation. Doing so will have a twofold effect. Firstly, it will help guide our nation back to some semblance of sanity, and secondly, to one degree or another, western nations will follow suit. To accomplish this, we must fight all versions practiced within our nation. If not, the success we’ll see will be minor and short-lived.

How Did We Get Here?

To say we’ve gotten here because of one political party alone would be disingenuous and lazy. But one thing is certain, wherever “here” is, we’ve arrived, and to quote Ozzy Osbourne, we’ve arrived on a “crazy train.”

Be forewarned, this might hurt those who’ve had the wool pulled over their eyes but don’t want to admit it. Regardless, cancel culture has been allowed to come to fruition largely due to many Americans abdicating their duty to become involved in politics. This involvement includes everything from inactivity in local Republican Parties and clubs to failing to support good candidates in primary elections; not to mention simply abstaining from voting in primary or general elections. In addition, many, if not most Americans fail to hold elected officials accountable once they’re in office and allow most incumbents to simply be re-elected with relative ease, though they should’ve been shown the door years before.

These high reelection rates are a result of good people not challenging bad or ineffective incumbents in primaries, due to many reasons. In many cases, people fear repercussions from the local political and business elites who engage in their own cowardly version of cancel culture; therefore, those voters cease to involve themselves with or lend financial support to other primary candidates.

Grassroots Movements

Compared to the number of people who vote Republican, only a tiny portion are regularly active in their local party or local communities in large enough numbers to know what goes on behind the scenes or who’s actually calling the shots and/or pulling the strings. I understand there are many different reasons why this is, at least in most respects, but in others, the excuses can be very flimsy. Regardless, I’m talking about a very small amount of one’s time altogether.

Historically, the best way to enact the level of change we need has been to do so at the grassroots level. Oddly, the changes needed within the Republican Party often begin as an alternative to the party itself, which thankfully inevitably fails. After all, starting a third party is not the way forward, and will not produce the needed results, given how many people across the nation vote Democrat. Simply put, a third party would only hand more victories to the left, which our nation cannot handle.

The movements we need often die out once those involved begin allowing establishment politicos to co-opt the movement(s) to suit their needs. This happens once these movements begin gaining small successes, and those in power begin paying lip service to the tenants of said movements, leaving many to believe they’ve achieved more than they’ve accomplished.

Take, for example, the Tea Party movement, which for several years was a powerful force. Once a few Tea Party candidates gained national name recognition and won a few high offices, the establishment within the Republican Party was allowed to co-opt their candidates and thus the movement, giving the illusion of greater success than what was achieved. The movement should’ve continued and looked to recruit and support good candidates in the primaries, as well as support individuals to gain more leadership roles within the Republican Party at all levels. This would have brought more people into office at all levels who truly believe in the premise of having a government that’s “Of the People, By the People, For the People,” a stark contrast to what we currently have and have had in our country for decades, especially at the national level.

MAGA: Make America Great Again

I could also reference a more recent movement called the “MAGA” movement. While there have been many worthwhile MAGA candidates across the country, very few have been able to truly influence the changes we need. You might say, “What about President Donald Trump?” and I would say he was an effective President on many fronts. I would also add he was primarily effective as a candidate because he already had wide name recognition, a loud megaphone, and a stockpile of money to begin with. Trump used all those resources and his charisma not only to go after the “woke agenda,” but to halt Republican insiders who were doing everyone a disservice by constantly doing business as usual as well. Unfortunately, even as President he faced a heap of opposition from not only Democrats and the media, but from many within the Republican Party as well.

In addition to that opposition, Trump faced mountains of resistance in Washington from career bureaucrats and other government officials (a.k.a. the Deep State), especially from scumbag criminals within the FBI (a.k.a., the Federal Bureau of Incompetence), which was supported by a multitude of Democrats, particularly many on Capitol Hill, and especially the leftist’s media types. At the same time, countless Democrats across the country were tearing our nation apart by supporting their own movements, namely BLM (a.k.a. Burn Loot and Murder) and the oxymoronic ANTIFA or “Anti-Fascist” crowd, which advocated for the tenets of fascism. Let’s not forget to toss into this recipe for planned failure the scheme to hijack the 2020 Presidential elections, especially in key states, but I’m sure I’ll get canceled if I discuss this any further. So, I’ll plan to talk about this in future articles just to thumb my nose at those who say everything Democrats did during the 2020 Presidential elections was on the up and up yet don’t want to allow anyone to point out facts that run counter to those lies.

I’ll then ask you to look at where President Trump is now and point out that many of the Republican insiders who opposed him are still in power, with certain exceptions. I will also point out that many others merely portrayed themselves as his supporters to avoid any undue attention to themselves. In other words, they “flew under the radar,” road President Trump’s coattails, and simply waited him out. You might also say they merely hid in plain sight.

At this point, you might say to yourself, isn’t Todd just describing RINOs a.k.a. “Republicans in Name Only,” and I would reply with a lukewarm, “Uhm yeah, sorta,” and no. I say this because I know of many good Republicans who opposed candidate/President Trump based on reasons they qualified with well-thought-out explanations, not emotional rhetoric. However, these individuals are the few exceptions, not the hard and fast rule, so simply saying RINO wouldn’t suffice.

Failing to be active in the political process in some ways, once again allowed elements within the Republican Party to simply stall for time; to wait out President Trump, so they could easily revert to business as usual once he was out of office.

The Scale of Change

In the previous sections, I touched on the Tea Party, and MAGA movements, and in a few short paragraphs, I briefly described how and why they didn’t bring about the long-term changes we truly need. Albeit, the MAGA movement is still trying to make strides, unless President Trump can pull a Grover Cleveland and win a second non-consecutive term, then it’s likely the MAGA movement will only continue much like the Tea Party since its peak more than a decade ago.

In other words, don’t expect any needed long-term changes. I know some of you are thinking, “he’s attacking Trump,” but I assure you, that’s not the case. Look at what the left, and many on the right did, and are still doing to him. Despite the few things he might have done, they continue to construct narratives that are false.

We cannot rely on one person to fix our nation’s problems, or in Trump’s words, “Drain the Swamp.” After all, the rats that occupy the sewer are ensconced, they were there before Trump, they outlasted him, and they’ll continue to drive our nation into the abyss if we allow them. In other words, it’s up to all of us to drain the swamp, regardless of anyone’s personal feelings about former President Trump.

That aside, the scale of change we need in our country will never come to fruition by continually allowing many of the same do-nothings to be re-elected election after election. Also, thinking and hoping that Trump will be elected to a second non-consecutive term and stride back into the White House and solve our problems on his own is foolish.

The “Uni-Party” Types

On my weekly radio show, the “Commonsense Conservatives,” we refer to those who for decades have spoken from both sides of their mouths as being part of the “Uni-Party.” These “do-gooders” are professionals at playing their supporters and fundraising off bogus rhetoric that they have no intentions of following through on regardless of whether it’s a Washington politician or an insider at the local level.

These types have done nothing to grow the party in a meaningful way for many reasons. For some, especially at the local levels, more people involved means more competition for their positions, whether real or perceived, and they’ll not take that chance. At the local level, these types are always active, they support and regularly send the Uni-Party types back to represent (I mean mess over) the rest of us, to local, state, and national offices. They play up being for the people, but they disdain the public. They pretend to be upstanding, God-fearing types but are some of the dirtiest types, especially politically behind the scenes.

Identity Politics

We shouldn’t be afraid of the left anymore.

Sadly, for too long, we’ve elected far too many Uni-Party types, who went along to get along, all the while running from Democrats when they began name-calling and demonization. Sadly, dividing people as the left has done, then saying to them, “those people (Republicans) over there are the reason(s) you’re suffering,” all while never doing anything to help those who are suffering. Identity politics and class warfare does nothing to solve any problems, it only creates problems and then proceed to multiply them.

Uni-Party types have allowed identity politics to rule the day and have ceded generations of Americans to leftist ilk, which is the opposite of the types we should want to associate with. Identity politics only creates millions of victims, as well as resentment for those who receive unearned entitlements, all while silencing those who tell the truth by assassinating their character.

It’s sad to think about the millions of Americans who’ve been casualties of this type of rhetoric over the decades. It’s also sad to think of those who are the perpetual victim class as well, which only grows from generation to generation, especially as the left adds more groups to its list of victims. Remember, Democrats know that class warfare and the gambit of identity politics work, which is why they lean on those tactics instead of facts and logic since the latter is rarely on their side.

The left’s emotional mind games easily deceive people who are desperate or historically have been put out, only to be put upon by the Democrats who have regularly engaged in these tactics. This trickery also creates numerous victim groups who then become protected classes. The creation of these victims do the individual a major disservice while also purposely keeping those who fall into the different victimized groups from advancing.

One Way Forward

Many Republicans and conservatives for generations who’ve ceded the youth to the left, saying things like “they’ll be more conservative when they’re older,” did so at the peril of everyone’s liberty. We’ve seen many conservative movements come and go, often allowing themselves to be co-opted by the establishment types, especially after being given assurances their issues will be given the highest priority. While these lies were being fed to those who were genuinely trying to make positive advances, left-wing movements were busy getting more and more radicals elected.

We’ve allowed politicians to become celebrities instead of statesmen. We’ve allowed our media to become outrage artists, and instead of being unbiased journalists, they’ve become “media personalities,” allowing them to report their opinions instead of the facts and the truth. Additionally, those who ignored reality for years and said politics doesn’t interest them, that it doesn’t affect them, and didn’t vote, have also exacerbated these problems.

The simple solution to save humanity is to move forward in a positive, problem-solving way. This can only happen if more good people get involved at the local levels, and work to oust those Republicans in positions of power that are not serving the interests of their constituents, especially given the fact they not only hurt our party but also hurt our nation. If not, then saving our nation will not happen, because, without a strong local level, our states and nation have nothing to build upon.

In closing, it’s not simply about defeating Democrats, because nominating, electing/re-electing Uni-Party Republican types is just as hurtful. Saving our nation can only be accomplished by getting involved locally, and supporting real common sense conservatives, who not only mean what they say but have the background and intestinal fortitude to back it up.

The final question I should ask is, what are you waiting for?


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