Trump vs. Ryan 2.0

iVoteTennessee Trump vs RyanWelcome to version 2.0 of the battle of the Republican gladiators. Join us ring side for Trump vs. Ryan, the sequel.

Version 1.0 was Paul Ryan’s statement “I am just not ready…” in referenced to his obligation and the peoples expectation of his endorsement of Donald Trump. What? Excuse us, Mr. Speaker. What did you just say?

Many conservatives are now becoming increasingly annoyed with what they believe is Paul Ryan’s gamesmanship and apparent negotiations for an endorsement by the Speaker.

After all, haven’t the people spoken? By what right does Ryan demand that he, as a representative of the House of Representatives, be the self-ordained conduit by which Donald Trump is declared acceptable?

This is a congress with 12% approval ratings. This is the batch of so-called conservatives that were ushered into office by the American people largely on the promise to appeal Obamacare and block President Obama’s executive amnesty program. Neither happened and both were funded via the Omnibus Bill passed by the Senate and supported by Ryan and the House of Representatives.

Washington’s elite political class is noticeably bewildered and threatened by Donald Trump. Could it be that Ryan’s reluctance to accept the GOP’s presumptive Presidential nominee is more about an attempt to tame the shrew than about policy?

What Trump position is there for Ryan to disagree with? The last time iVoteTennessee checked, Trump’s positions on border control, deficit reduction, limited government, tax reductions, the repeal of Obamacare, a strong military and the appointment of originalists to the Supreme Court were all positions espoused by Paul Ryan.

Following his meeting with Mr. Trump, Ryan marched out to declare that “seeds were planted” that he hoped would lead to a better working relationship with Donald Trump and the long awaited unification of the party behind the nominee.

Ryan’s summons of Donald Trump was and remains a controlled power play based upon the deep apprehension and fear within the political cartel that they could have have their wings clipped if Donald Trump is not throttled back before the convention.

Think about the castigation the Washington policy-makers received from Donald Trump during the campaign. He called them, among other things, “stupid” leaders and declared them “weak” in the face of foreign governments who have used the United States as a financial prop on the world stage. That is a fairly sharp arrow to the heart of Washington’s ego.

Ryan and the GOP establishment were fairly certain they would have a contested convention. When Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Governor John Kasich (OH) suspended their campaigns all hope of stopping Donald Trump was dashed.

Can anyone recall another presumptive GOP candidate being summoned to appear before congressional leaders before an endorsement was granted?

Mark it down, despite the growing endorsement of Trump by Republican Senators and Congressmen, the GOP leadership is still not completely happy with the Trump candidacy. Controlling him, or at least demonstrating their commitment to doing so, is a move designed to curb Trump’s excessive (in their view) commitment to make America great again.

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