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The other day, I read a New York Post article entitled “How the Obamas could easily win eight more years in the White House.” In this article, it laid out how Michelle Obama could not only become Joe Biden’s running mate for Vice President but how she would subsequently become President the day after the inauguration. Last week on my personal Facebook page I laid out the same scenario but said that Joe would resign after a year. I’m guessing if Joe miraculously wins and resigns after a day, they’ll just rename a small Delaware public library after him and call it his Presidential Library. At the end of the article, the author posed the question “How could the Republicans ever counter it?” Mind you the scenario is an unlikely one, but Republicans, Conservatives, and those not keen on political dynasties need to have an answer.

As for me, I’m not a fan of electing former 1st Ladies, just look at Hillary for crying out loud. I’m also not keen on electing media darlings, political dynasties or connected insiders, there’s something inherently wrong with it. Doing business this way is fraught with elitism and the potential to get a President, Governor, Senator, Congressman or what have you that’s great at taking care of cronies but less than mediocre at doing the job. In my book, a person must prove themselves, come to the table with a real resume with real experiences then we can talk.

Name ID + Media Darling = Near Sure Thing

Yesterday, I was watching and listening to some YouTube/Podcast videos, such as the “Joe Rogan Experience” with his guest Ben Shapiro. In this video, they touched on a point that I’ve known for years and that is, if a person has name recognition, is a media darling of either the entertainment media, the mainstream liberal media and/or on social media, regardless of having flimsy credentials and a thin resume, that person can generally enjoy success if they seek elective office. During this conversation, Shapiro referenced the fact that in 2016, then-Senator/Candidate Barrack Obama had a flimsy resume, especially for a Presidential candidate.

Additionally, I re-watched the HBO movie “Game Change” and they also referenced this fact. It was about this time I saw the New York Post article I just referenced, which laid out how the Obama’s could end up back in the White House. As evidence of how easily the media could and would get on board, one must only look at the 2004 Democrat National Convention when then U.S. Senate Candidate Barrack Obama gave a speech that the liberal media fawned over. Immediately the media began calling him Presidential and over the next four years, the liberal media, Hollywood types, social media influencers, and pop culture types carried him to the 2008 nomination and the White House.

Think about it, in 2004 Obama had a thin resume, he had briefly been a university professor, community organizer, had written not one but two memoirs, which were meant to serve as an official record as there was little known about him given he was being pushed to higher office. Also, he had lost a Congressional primary, won an Illinois State Senate seat where his biggest accomplishments were to vote “present” numerous times. Before giving his 2004 DNC speech, he had just won the Democrat nomination for the U.S. Senate, hardly a resume of a person who should’ve been considered a Presidential contender. Sadly, today it seems that having a solid resume takes a back seat to popularity, even if it’s unearned popularity.

Next In-Line, Political Dynasty and Media Darling 

Republicans and Democrats have regularly nominated for President a person who’s next in line or a person from a political dynasty. Thankfully, they’ve also regularly nominated individuals with real resumes and real-world accomplishments as well. In 2016 Republicans thankfully moved away from nominating the next person in line or anyone from a political dynasty. Thus far, this move has served the party and country well as President Trump has bucked the norm of doing business as usual.

Democrats on the other hand still nominate the next-in-line, those from political families, but they now first look for a popular “Johnny come lately” flimsy resume type called the media darling. In 2008 they nominated the media darling Barrack Obama who had a flimsy resume and in 2012 he was their only choice because he was the incumbent. This was due to the influence of the 24-hour news outlets which are more propaganda and opinion than news. Additionally, the influence of pop culture, reality show culture, social media influencers, indoctrination in our education system coupled with the fact we have such voter apathy along with the fact most Americans on the Left and Right have grown tired of business as usual and more.

In 2008 and again in 2016 Hillary Clinton was deemed to be the next in line, but in 2008 she was upended by a media darling and in 2016, she had to steal that nomination from Comrade Bernie. Up until 2000, Hillary’s resume consisted of getting fired from the Watergate investigation, being a small-time attorney in Arkansas where she was mired in numerous scandals, especially while she was 1st Lady of Arkansas. While she was 1st Lady of the United States she acted less as a 1st Lady and more as co-President. Not that this is a feather in her cap, it says more about her ego. After all, a 1st Lady isn’t an elected official and is only a title that comes with being married to a Governor or President. While she was still 1st Lady of the United States, she carpet-bagged to New York, a state she had never been a resident of all in order to run for the open Senate seat being vacated by Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Mind you, Hillary was a far drop off from Senator Moynihan, this was nevertheless done because Hillary had been deemed “next in line” for the Presidency in 2008 by party elites and insiders. By 2008, Hillary had been Senator for 8 years, but the age of social media and a youth explosion in politics had begun to take shape, which when added with all the Clinton scandals which they brought on themselves she had grown unpalatable to enough Democrats that Obama with his eloquence, youth, his support from popular Hollywood types made him the alternative for blue-collar Democrats, minorities and younger voters.

“Uncle Joe”

Now in 2020, former Vice President Joe Biden has oddly been deemed next in line, but not before voters and party insiders flirted with other options, and in the end, they couldn’t stomach Bernie and again had to oust him. Joe Biden is certainly not a media darling, he’s not a pop culture icon or the toast of Hollywood elites but he does have a resume. Albeit, that resume consists mainly of getting himself elected to the Senate for decades. Mind you, getting elected Statewide in Delaware is no different than getting elected in a county-wide seat in Shelby County, Tennessee.

Regardless, there was no master plan to push Joe Biden to the nomination, it wasn’t until it looked like Bernie Sanders could secure the nomination that Democrat elites had to once again put an end to his chances. As evidence of there not being a Biden conspiracy, one only needs to look at how unenthused former President Obama was in his endorsement of his “friend” Joe Biden. After all, in Obama’s twelve-minute speech, he barely mentioned Biden by name. But he did do his best imitation of a contortionist as he said if he ran today that his platform would essentially be closer to Comrade Bernie’s than his (Obama’s) 2008 platform. In saying this, Obama was making an obvious overture to Bernie and his supporters, a way to say, “let’s mend fences and rally behind Biden.”

This endorsement was less about Joe Biden and more about getting the Bernie Bro’s and Bernie onboard all while trying to rally any Obama supporters that have been on the sidelines thus far. Let’s be clear, if (BIG IF) Biden wins the election, there’s a high probability that he’ll resign within the first year, not on the first full day as the New York Post suggested. However, he will cite health problems, which makes this election less about Biden, and more about who the Democrat establishment tells him to pick as his running mate, which is where the conspiracy comes in.

Bottom line, Biden would be President in name only and the real power will be a cabal of the who’s who of the Democrat Party elites. I’m not hating on Democrat voters, just the Democrat Party elites and this fishy process. Earlier I mentioned that Biden choosing former 1st Lady Michelle Obama is highly unlikely, but she’s a choice the media, the Hollywood types, and pop culture followers would swoon over which means Republicans need to have an answer to the New York Post question, “How could the Republicans ever counter it?”

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