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Regulations are killing small businesses, again. New legislation in Tennesse could end the mask mandate. States have jumped on the concept of emergency executive powers to impose mask mandates on customers.

Let’s be candid, some small businesses are requiring customers to wear masks. Two legislators in Tennesse have had enough and want to end the mask mandate. Senator Joey Hensley, and Representative, Susan Lynn are pushing the Medical Non-Discrimination Business and Consumer Act (SB 0320/ HB 0794) on their respective sides of the Tennessee Legislature.

Behind the measure, is a group known as Tennessee Stands. A growing number of Tennesee citizens are behind the initiative to end mandatory masks as a pre-condition to conducting business. Provisions in the bill would elevate the issue to ADA status and enforceability, making mask requirements a violation of civil liberties.

In effect, the Bill, using exemptions, is an enforceable anti-discrimination law. Businesses would no longer be liable for allowing patrons to enter their establishment to conduct business without wearing a mask, and local jurisdictions throughout Tennessee (counties and cities) would be prohibited from creating mask mandates. The law, if enacted would blanket houses of worship and override Governor Bill Lee’s arbitrary decree that people gathering to worship God is dangerous and should be limited in number.

Here’s the logic behind the mask mandates.

Some “medical experts” claim masks are scientifically proven to be effective. One such person is Dr. Aaron Milstone, who claims masks mandates are “not a limitation of freedom, it’s a way to get back to freedom… wearing the mask and doing the right thing by getting a COVID vaccine is going to allow us to get back to normal at the end of the year, and that’s when all of our freedoms return.”

The Hensley/Lynn bill if passed will make it discriminatory for a person or a business to deny an individual access to and full opportunity for to the full unencumbered access to the purchase or enjoyment of goods and services in Tennessee due to mandated medical devices, including masks, face shields, and other devices. The personal choice to wear a device is left solely to the citizen, not the government or businesses.

Currently, 35-38 states have mask mandates, most of which are in place due to emergency powers laws. Will the Tennessee Bill become the new standard for personal freedom?



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