Todd McKinley was a 2018 Republican Candidate for Congress in TN-01, he's a retired Army Paratrooper, Bronze Star, Combat Action Badge, and Presidential Service Badge recipient. He’s served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as well 6 ½ years at the White House Communications Agency & White House Military Office. He’s served as an Advance Representative for the Trump Administration, and as an Advance Representative for the 2020 Trump Campaign. Follow Todd: ; ; ; ;

In 2016 and 2020, an unapologetic socialist ran for the Democrat Party’s Presidential nomination and was considered a serious contender and at times a front runner in many polls. If you would have said this just 20 years ago, it would have drawn laughs from serious people. Today, the only time it’s funny is when you watch a YouTube video of Senator Bernie Sanders or how he’s portrayed by Larry David on Saturday Night Live. What’s not funny is watching YouTube videos of the ignorance many of his supporter’s display. In fact, it’s downright scary to think of how many supporters he has and then realize, this isn’t a flash in the pan moment in our nation’s history, in fact, it’s the future of the Democrat Party.

I’m not trying to be down on every Democrat voter, believe me, there’s a great many who aren’t socialist. In fact, many Democrats only believe that governments should do a little more in certain areas. However, the blue-collar Democrats, the Democrats who believe in a Republican (not the political party) form of government and those who agree to disagree with those on the Right on the role of government is becoming fewer. Sadly, with voter apathy, the fact that generations of Americans have been indoctrinated by the Left and the fact that both Democrat and Republican elites are further out of touch with the average American than any time in our history, it’s easy to see how socialism has become more appealing to many Americans. Many people feel they can go their whole life, doing the right thing but feel the “American Dream” is always out of reach.

Just a Taste of Socialism

If you’re wondering what it might be like to live in a socialist country, a number of Cities and States governed by Democrats and some by Republicans have given us just a taste in the way they handled things during the Coronavirus pandemic. We’ve seen Mayors and Governors setting up “snitch lines,” in order for “good citizens” to inform on their neighbors. We’ve seen people being fined for sitting in their cars listening to Church sermons or Gestapo like tactics utilized by State Police by taking down the license plate numbers of churchgoers. And, if you think this wasn’t done with the intentions of reprising against them in some way, then think again.

We’ve seen people in open fields playing with their kids, either in public parks or in their own front yards getting fined or arrested, even when it was simply a father and their child. We’ve seen Churches being forced to close along with many other businesses. We’ve seen the 2nd Amendment go out the window and we’re hearing influential Hollywood types and very wealthy elites telling those who need a paycheck to stop their whining and just go along. We’re seeing the government create money out of thin air and “giving” it to the American people and calling it a stimulus, which only adds more to the national debt and raises inflation and more. In fy2020, the United States has already seen the greatest amount of deficit spending in our nation’s history and we’re only half the way through the fiscal year. Also, if you think it was tough to have a toilet paper shortage, just wait until you can’t buy food or the medications you need to live.

We’re now hearing serious suggestions from important and influential people the notion of issuing special papers for Americans to move about. We’re literally seeing in some instance’s companies implanting chips into employees. One saying used by authoritarian regimes throughout history is “never let a good crisis go to waste.” On top of this, the media no longer hides their ideological bias, as they no longer respect those who tell or seek the truth, as they know they can simply go after anyone telling the truth in order to destroy them. Simply voting to re-elect Donald Trump isn’t going to save America from socialism. It’s going to take Americans of all walks of life to realize they can still have the “American Dream,” but that governments can’t give it to us.

A Choice, Political Apathy or the “American Dream”

Not to sound conspiratorial, but we talk about the “American Dream” but often the everyday American is forced to simply get behind one of a few chosen candidates who were essentially selected by one cabal of elites or another. In this case, it will be a cabal made up of Democrat party insiders, Hollywood elites, reality stars, and “social media influencers” whatever that nonsense is and supported full-throated by the mainstream liberal media. We’ve had to contend with this in the past and in 2016, thankfully many Republican primary voters decided to buck the notion of doing business as usual and voted for Donald Trump. Albeit, Donald Trump was born on 3rd base and gained fame and widespread name recognition, he wasn’t from a political dynasty and Republican party elites didn’t pick him. However, they’ve since gotten a great ride by jumping on his coattails.

If voter apathy in this country, especially in my home state of Tennessee continues, then we’ll always have to contend with ridiculousness at all levels of government. We see this play out at every level of government, from the local, state, and national levels, to include the private sector but we Americans must realize we can make a difference. If we want to be able to improve our lot in life, then we must recruit decent, well respected, and accomplished people from the ranks of everyday America to run for office. We must support these candidates through donations, volunteering for their campaign, spreading the word, and finally voting for them. If not, then the candidates for high office will always come from certain families or select groups, it’s certain that many in office, as evidenced by history will not do the right things. I say enough is enough!

They Ought ‘a

Remember the next time a person says something to the effect “they (the government) ought ‘a do something.” These words are often uttered by those who are decidedly disengaged politically, or it’s usually uttered after a tragedy or something similar. Sadly, what this statement is rarely accompanied by is a solution and when governments can pick the solution is when real problems often begin. What people should be wary of is that the government may very well take them up on their request to do “something.” The remedy that’s usually applied is often too heavy-handed, out of touch with the actual problem or creates several other problems that only “they” can fix, and thus the cycle repeats. After all, one thing is for certain and that is even when governments apply a well-intentioned remedy, it often hinders the “American Dream.”

After all, you’ve witnessed, especially in recent weeks, not to mention recent years and decades, do you still want more government? Sadly, as things get worse, more Americans seemingly retreat from constructive political discourse and choose to instead engage with others with outrageous or extreme opinions, instead of doing simple research in order to gather facts. On the other hand, many only acknowledge the extremes of the Left or Right and simply retreat altogether or they’re simply busy with their own lives leaving them to pay politics no mind.

This needs to change, if not, then our nation will continue to decline due to the fact political apathy and especially public disengagement leads to bad government. It may not necessarily lead to socialism, but it’s certain that it doesn’t lead to the “American Dream.” Simply leaving things up to our elected officials, the various departments or agencies to solve the problems, certainly isn’t the answer. It’s this thinking that has allowed elected officials, departments, and agencies to create these problems in the first place. This is called “professionalization of reform,” which is a term coined by the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. By this, he meant that government bureaucracy thinks up problems for the government to solve rather than simply responding to problems identified elsewhere.

Instead, I say, we as individuals do all we can working in cooperation with one another to solve problems, and when the government needs to be involved “We the People” hold them to account.

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