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Amazon is looking for a second home and our very own Nashville has made the Top 20 list.  Amazon is expected to invest $5 billion into this second headquarters.  Others to make the Top 20 are:  Atlanta, Miami, Boston, and Raleigh.

Amazon’s Seattle HQ employs over 40,000 people, and they are expecting as many as 50,000 new jobs coming to the city that is selected. The Seattle HQ estimates 53,000 jobs were created indirectly by Amazon.  On their website, Amazon noted a boom that comes specifically to the hospitality industry, with 233,000 rooms booked in 2016 alone.

Amazon already has a distribution center and a music office in middle Tennessee.  Amazon also has an exclusive deal with Garth Brooks. The move to Nashville could mean more collaborations with country music artists.

Whatever the reason,  if Amazon does choose Nashville for its HQ2, it would mean a significant economic boom for our state.


Picture Credit: Nashville

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