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This article was inspired by a friend’s Facebook post, yes, it’s snarky and a bit farfetched, yet not entirely untrue. I must say, I’m not against the government but what we’ve seen in recent decades doesn’t quite qualify as government or at least good government. As the saying goes, “we don’t get the government we want, we get the government we deserve” and being a nation that’s by and large politically apathetic has led us to this point.

The Ridiculous Story

Even if fulfilling no purpose, these odd screwdrivers and pipe wrench were built, but not before several committees decided exactly what the finished products would look like. Regardless if they’re incorrect, unneeded, too costly, and fulfilling no purpose there will still be endless committees and commissions anyway.

However, before they were built and before the first committee convened, there had to be an agreement on forming a committee to see if there needs to be a committee. This initial committee was known as the “committee-committee” and was given a very narrow scope and little authority, but they exceeded this mandate anyway.

The “committee-committee” took 2-3 months to form, which is relatively quick for Washington. This swiftness was done with a wink and a nod so that Democrat and Republican leadership could tout how bipartisan Congress can be. The “committee-committee” met for several months and recommended that there’s a need for two additional committees to determine the makeup and powers the final committee would have.

The first of these additional committees would recommend the makeup of the committee, in other words, how many Republicans, how many Democrats, how many and who from the Executive Branch (the Executive Branch also had a Presidential Commission) and how many and who from the private sector there would be, etc. The second committee would recommend what powers the committee would have, which itself would take several months of meetings. After these two committees had completed their mandate, the actual committee could begin meeting only after congress debated for several weeks on the floor before a vote could be taken.

Finally, after a few years and after several lobbying firms had made millions, a few lobbyists were investigated and went to prison, a few members of congress were censured, while a couple more had resigned, the committee was prepared to submit their findings for a vote.

Of course, there were many members of Congress who said the entire process and finished product was a waste of time and money. These members were quickly called out by party and caucus leadership, while special interest ran attack ads against them all while being lambasted on the news and social media for essentially telling the truth. Many of the Members who opposed the committee’s findings found themselves going up against well-funded primary opponents during the next election cycle.

After all of this, the finished product was passed out of both Houses of Congress. The President who was facing narrow re-election and needing votes in swing states that were producing the different parts had no choice but to sign the bill. It wasn’t until many years later that Members of Congress and the public could look back and say this in fact was a waste of time and money. Of course, the cycle repeats given that so many people run on being different, on being the change candidate, only to find this was a campaign ruse.

The Moral of the Ridiculous Story

The moral of the ridiculous story which you may already be aware of is Washington is broken. It’s not broken so much because of Republicans, Democrats, Members of Congress, or Lobbyist specifically, albeit each has played a major part in Washington being broken. This is because “We the People” collectively, one way or another, have allowed it to become this way. It was certainly never perfect, but over the past few decades, more and more people have been calling for more government, more handouts, more safety, and security in exchange for shirking the duties of citizenship.

The duty of citizenship is to be factually informed; so, we can hold our elected officials to account. Simply lazily electing the same people over and over has been a major part in contributing to Washington being broken. By so many Americans over the course of decades shirking their duties, failing to be informed and seek real information, voting for the wrong people for the wrong reasons it has led us to a broken and corrupt Washington.

By many millions of Americans over the course of decades failing to perform the duties of citizenship our nation has become $25+ Trillion in debt, scandal after scandal comes and goes, those in Washington have gotten away with abusing their power, China is now a threat to humanity worldwide, Russia no longer feels compelled to pretend they have to be good actors on the world stage, our borders are overrun, we face major inflation, uncertainty in the job markets, education cost through the roof for degrees that are next to useless and so on. In other words, it leads to a country and a world we currently have.

What Can We Do?

Simply saying “Drain the Swamp” or saying “Trump’s got this” isn’t enough. If you genuinely want the “Swamp” drained and you understand that where we currently find ourselves is unsustainable and unacceptable then you’re one of the few that get it. Simply re-electing the President isn’t going to solve this, nor is simply voting for Republicans just because they have an “R” next to their names. Certainly, we must re-elect President Trump and Vice President Pence!

However, moving forward at all levels of government, we must look for true liberty-minded candidates who come from all backgrounds, not just some rich person or those who play the political game inside party politics or those who’ve held elective or appointed office for years before being allowed to be elevated to higher office. We must look at the entirety of the individual and not just accept who the party insiders push forward or allow to run for office. If we want a safer, more prosperous nation where liberty and freedoms are expanded and where every American can truly exercise their inalienable rights of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” then it starts with you the individual working with like-minded individuals and those who may think differently but want the same things in the end.

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