Haslam Rejects Trump Trade

iVoteTennessee Gov Bill HaslamTennessee’s Governor, Bill Haslam, is taking Donald Trump to task on Tennessee’s Asian trade deals.

The Tennessee Governor seems happy with the state’s current trade situation.

In fact, the Republican Governor believes trade with Asia, primarily Japan, is working well for Tennessee.

Donald Trump, now the GOP’s presumptive nominee for President, has spent inordinate time, bashing what he calls trade imbalances with China, Japan and Mexico. Trump has proposed the imposition of tariffs as a means to reducing trade deficits.

Tennessee’s Governor is not climbing on Trumps trade train just yet.

Haslam, defended the state’s trade positions while speaking to an event in Chattanooga on Thursday, April 28, 2016, sponsored by the Better Business Bureau and the Governor’s position on trade is running counter to to Trump’s.

In the countries where we have trade agreements with, our exports tend to be 30 to 40 percent higher. I also wouldn’t want to see what Tennessee would look like if Nissan wouldn’t have made its original investment in Tennessee…” – Gov. Bill Haslam

Nissan, headquartered in Japan, is one of Tennessee’s trade partners and the company employees thousands of workers at its supplier plant in Smyrna, TN. Of course, the state of Tennessee has
granted Nissan about $35 million in incentives.

Bill Haslam recently completed a recruiting trip that included visiting eight cities in China, South Korea and Japan. Haslam indicated that some of the Asian business leadership expressed their displeasure with Donald Trump’s rhetoric that appears to cast doubt on the strength of trade balance with the Asia nations.

Trump has bemoaned currency devaluation in China and to some degree in Japan, which he claims contributes to an unfair trade imbalance. According to the Governor, Tennessee is currently on the positive side of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Haslam has made Asian trade deal a part of his jobs initiative and is continuing to recruit to that end. Via conference call about the Asian tour, the Governor remarked, “…many of those interested in investing in the U.S. saw Tennessee as a leading candidate for investment.”

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