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Todd McKinley was a 2018 Republican Candidate for Congress in TN-01, he's a retired Army Paratrooper, Bronze Star, Combat Action Badge, and Presidential Service Badge recipient. He’s served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as well 6 ½ years at the White House Communications Agency & White House Military Office. He’s served as an Advance Representative for the Trump Administration, and as an Advance Representative for the 2020 Trump Campaign. In addition to numerous awards, decorations, military, and civilian schools, Todd holds a Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security from American Military University, a Master of Science in Leadership with a Major Concentration in Global Leadership from Duquesne University, a Certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University, and a Certificate in Leaders of Learning from Harvard University. Follow Todd on Social Media: ; ; ;

On April 17th, I published an article based on my interview with Dr. Manny Sethi entitled “Dr. Manny’s Prescription: Put Others First and Serve Selflessly.” In it, I touched on a lot of information to give the Tennessee voters an introduction to him and his candidacy for the United States Senate. The Senate campaign at that time was relatively quiet, we had yet to witness the inevitable attack ads and lies that at that time were just three short months away.

The lying smear campaign that kicked off just before early voting began has gone from the usual lies to outright racist attacks. These lies and attacks being run by the former U.S. Ambassador to Japan Bill Hagerty, led me to write and publish an article on July 21st to dispel one of these lies. This article is entitled “The 2020 Election: Name Calling and Other Lies,” in it, I lay out the facts behind an ad where Ambassador Hagerty exploits a Wounded Veteran who obviously was reading from a script.

Now, I feel compelled to dispel the lies of an awfully expensive website that’s duping the “low information voter” and the utterly gullible into believing its lies. The first one is the lie that wants people to believe that Dr. Manny supported “Obamacare,” the next will be the lie that Dr. Manny tried to work for the Obama Administration and finally, the lie that Dr. Manny “donated to liberal Democrats” which I touched on in more detail in my July 21st article, also there’s a bonus section as well.

It’s Dr. Manny, Not “Massachusetts Manny”

Bill Hagerty has taken the act of campaign slander to another level with his expensive attack website: if you’ve fallen for these lies then shame on you. It’s 2020, in your pocket you likely have a smartphone, which is essentially a supercomputer. When you use it for more than just taking selfies and playing games, you could easily debunk all of these lies. If you’re like a lot of people, you don’t care to do that, and that’s why our nation’s in such dire straits. Also, that’s how Washington, DC has become the “Swamp,” but you can work to drain it, by not voting for Bill Hagerty.

The website at the top states:

“While living in liberal Massachusetts, Manny Sethi tried to work in Obama’s White House, he donated to liberal Democrats, and he supported Obamacare.”

“He even donated to ActBlue, the left-wing group bankrolling Antifa rioters and Black Lives Matter.”

If this were true, then Dr. Manny wouldn’t have the support of thousands of truly conservative voters all working to ensure he secures the Republican nomination on August 6th. Also, I wouldn’t be writing these articles defending him, nor would I have endorsed him, donated money and time to his campaign and I wouldn’t currently be reaching out to thousands of Tennessee voters asking them to support him in this endeavor. I’ve done hours of research on Dr. Manny and Bill Hagerty, I know people in the Trump Administration and Trump Campaign who don’t understand why the President endorsed him. He’s the living embodiment of a “Swamp Creature” and I’ve personally dealt with him and witnessed his racism and establishment antics firsthand, which are a few reasons I’m not supporting him. Had all of this not been true and had Hagerty not been running the type of attacks as he’s doing, then I would likely be supporting him.

Hagerty is an establishment figure, as Senator Ted Cruz said which is something he agrees with Bernie Sanders and that is the establishment on the Left and Right will always work together to ensure they maintain that status. Just look at the anti-Dr. Manny expensive website, not that it looks all that great, but the fact it appears above Dr. Manny’s campaign website on Google. They had to pay a lot of money to make this happen.

He’s Always Spoken Out Against “Obamacare”

To begin with, Dr. Manny testified against Obamacare in front of the U.S. Senate in 2017 and did a video espousing how horrible it is for the White House’s social media page in May 2017 after Dr. Manny met with President Trump. Years before this, he’s also appeared on local news in the Nashville area speaking out against Obamacare.

The website first section titled “MANNY SETHI SUPPORTED OBAMACARE,” states that “While living in liberal Massachusetts, Sethi never registered as a Republican.” It has a link where you can “see his voter record.” When you click the link, you’ll see he voted in every Republican primary upon returning to Tennessee, which goes back nearly 2 decades. It shows he was an Independent when registered in Massachusetts, and not a Democrat as the website wants you to assume.

The next thing it states is “Instead he served on the Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts Medical Society, which strongly endorsed socialized medicine.” While a resident Physician in Boston, every Physician was a member, if not then it would have been hard for them to practice medicine. The question I must ask you the reader, is do you support everything your work or any organization you belong to supports? I bet the answer is no, this was an organization in which every Physician that worked alongside Dr. Sethi essentially had to join. Think about how certain unions and certain states government unions operate where one must be a member.

The next thing it states is that “In November 2010, Sethi co-authored an article touting Massachusetts’ Romneycare System as a National Model for Insurance Exchanges.” When you click on the “Read it here” link, you’ll find his name along with that of several other Physicians that discusses how “Romneycare” works well at the state level. This is exactly what all Republicans were saying during this time and when the Obama Administration was pushing “Obamacare.” Republicans were saying that “Obamacare” isn’t the same thing as “Romneycare” despite what Democrats were saying. There were many distinct differences, for one in Massachusetts it didn’t force anyone onto any exchange, and the residence didn’t have to give up their private insurance, unlike the lie President Obama sold Americans. This article in question does nothing more than outline some of the positives of “Romneycare” and gives examples of how the Federal Government could extrapolate them and make them available to Americans as an “option” but not a “mandate,” big difference.

Again, the website hammers on “Obamacare” by saying “Sethi‘s Massachusetts Medical Society supported Obamacare, issuing a press release stating “Strong Support for President Obama’s Commitment to Pass Health Care Reform.” However, there were numerous Physicians that were members of the Massachusetts Medical Society who were against it, of which Dr. Manny was one of them.

The last thing in this part, the website states that “In his book, An Introduction to Health Policy, Sethi praised France, Canada and Europe’s Socialized Health Care system – aligning more with Bernie Sanders’ socialist policies rather than President Trump’s America First Agenda.” If you read this excerpt, Dr. Manny doesn’t say America needs socialized medicine, he merely points out how the French is able to offer a public and private option that insures everyone and does it far cheaper than the United States. It’s merely a critique of their system and nothing more, but if you never do your research then you would never know.

White House Fellowships are Nonpartisan

According to the White House: “The White House Fellowship is a nonpartisan program that fosters and strengthens leaders for the betterment of our communities and nation.”

This next section starts off with a big lie, it’s titled “MANNY SETHI TRIED TO WORK FOR OBAMA” and for anyone who knows, White House Fellows Programs is 100% nonpartisan. In fact, and I know from personal contacts that the Obama Administration blackballed several White House Fellow applicants due to their political affiliation, which is likely a reason Dr. Manny wasn’t accepted.

What’s more annoying than lies and political attack ads, is when anyone with basic internet access can do a simple search and find out the truth about the White House Fellows Program. The White House Fellows aren’t counted as White House or Presidential Administration employees or staff members.

Dr. Manny along with thousands of other Americans of all political stripes applied to be accepted as a White House Fellow. In fact, there are dozens of Democrats who’ve served as a White House Fellow during the Trump Administration. After all, it’s a prestigious honor and a major career enhancer for anyone. The White House Fellows are selected on a “nonpartisan” basis and they also accept career Military personnel as well. By Bill Hagerty’s standard, those career Military Officers must also have “tried to work for Obama,” along with the dozens of civilians who are staunch Republicans.

If you’re one of those who are falling for this easily refuted lie, I urge you to do a little research. By continuing to fall for these lies, it only ensures that the “Swamp” will never be drained, after all, “Draining the Swamp” is incumbent on us the voters.

A Donation to a Family Friend

In the final section titled “MANNY SETHI DONATED TO LIBERAL DEMOCRATS” is yet another misleading section. In my article “The 2020 Election: Name Calling and Other Lies,” published on July 21st I correct the record regarding this lie. This section tries to make you believe that by donating to a friend of his wife in 2008 that it somehow is “bankrolling” protesters in 2020. That’s like saying if you in 2008 or 1998 donated to your neighbors’ kid to attend a Boy Scout Jamboree that you support those who’ve committed heinous acts against kids. It’s on its face ridiculous and downright pathetic to make this claim.

This section also states that in 2008 he donated $250 to the American Medical Association PAC, and the “majority” of its donations went to Democrats. What it doesn’t say is the PAC also donated to Republicans, remember, this is exactly the line President Trump’s 2016 opponents used against him, especially Jeb Bush who Hagerty was a delegate for in 2016. Unlike President Trump who prior to becoming President to do business donated to both Democrats and Republicans alike. In this instance, Dr. Manny donated to an organization, not directly, to me that’s a difference.

Bonus Section

Bill Hagerty’s Racist Antics

There will be a lot of people who think it’s ok that Bill Hagerty while speaking at his campaign events has attacked the fact that Dr. Manny is a 1st generation American. But, think about this, they say “build the wall,” while saying they’re not racist and then say, they “support legal immigration.” Then when the child of legal immigrants becomes successful, they conveniently forget and allow racism to inform their decisions and support a person who slanders that which they say they support.

Mind you Dr. Manny graduated from Brown University and Harvard Medical School, both are respected and tough Ivy League institutions. Schools that only the smartest could hope to be accepted to, but those with an inferiority complex will attack these accomplishments and say “it doesn’t make him better than me” or “I graduated from the school of hard knocks” as if this should be a feather in their cap. Those who think this way discount not only Dr. Manny’s accomplishments, they discount the thousands of lives he’s saved and made better through his education, chosen profession, and free healthcare he’s provided through his nonprofit “Healthy Tennessee” that’s made the lives of thousands of Tennesseans better.

So, think about that the next time you or any of your family members who never took care of themselves are at the local hospital before you complain about the Indian Doctor taking care of you. “These people” aren’t coming here “taking our jobs,” they’re here because countless Americans for generations have allowed ourselves to be dumbed down and can’t qualify for Junior College, let alone Medical School. This generational allergy to education has brought about the lack of jobs, massive national debt, a health crisis, and more. It’s how establishment politicians like Bill Hagerty are always the ones in high office dividing Americans, making it easier to control everyone.

The same individuals who are giving Hagerty a pass for his racist antics that he’s displayed at various “Lincoln Day” and “Reagan Day” dinners throughout Tennessee are the ones who Democrats point to as being “those racist Republicans.” In case you’re unaware, Hagerty at these dinners has poked fun at DR. Manny’s last name (Sethi) as he (Hagerty) imitates an Indian accent to win the heart of the racist voters. The bottom line on this, if you fall for his racism, you do so at the peril of all Republicans and if you think the media isn’t going to use this against President Trump in the general election, then think again.

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