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By: Nathaniel Boccarossa

It’s 2018 and dressing a young boy in drag and parading him around like an underage sex icon on national television is completely acceptable. Wait…what!?

Good Morning America aired an episode featuring a young 11-year old boy who likes to dress in drag. During the segment, the boy named “Desmond” is welcomed onto the GMA scene with a series of cheers and claps from the audience. Hosts Michael Strahan and Sara Haines proceed to promote the minor’s involvement with the LGBTQ community at such a young age. Desmond then attributes much of his success to his drag queen “friends”, who later come out to join Desmond on stage.

As I watched this, I felt angry and appalled that the ABC Network would dare to air such an alarming segment. My visceral reaction was, “this is outright child porn”, but as I really dove into understanding the message, I felt even sicker. This wasn’t just a display of child sexual exploitation, this was an attack on goodness and the innocence of children. This was a public grooming session.

There is absolutely no future for an America that tolerates this. Absolutely, none! If the most innocent among us are now subject to sexual exploitation without backlash, then we truly are in our last days as a country. A nation that once had objective standards of right and wrong, good and evil has been reduced to a society with no standards at all. Bad people exist and bad people succeed by finding the most vulnerable areas of a society to infect with an agenda. Our culture of self-expression, low standards, and forced individual acceptance has paved a pathway for the most wicked among us to broadcast their degeneracy. Don’t think that this episode of GMA was an accident, because it wasn’t. This was completely intentional and as long as good people do nothing, the envelope will continue to be pushed.

Photo Credit: ABC News

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