Kailey C. Nieman is a Co-Founder,  Vice President of iVoteAmerica. She graduated East Tennessee State University in 2018 where she majored in Political Science and Media and Communications. She is currently in graduate school at Liberty University where she will earn her M.S. in Strategic Communications.

The race for governor is on, and the Republican party has some fantastic candidates to choose from. Here are three of the top runners.

Randy Boyd

Boyd wants our state to have a thriving economy and wants to grow the number of high paying jobs.  The way he intends on doing that is by increasing the amount of skilled labor in our state.  This includes the Drive to 55 and an increase in technical schools across the state.  Boyd served under Governor Haslam as the Commissioner of Economic and Community Development.  He helped create 50,000 new jobs and believes he can do this as governor. Like our President, he believes in cutting regulations, especially those that affect small businesses.

Boyd also wants to promote law and order.  With law enforcement, creating a plan of action to crack down on drugs, gangs, and crime to keep Tennessee safe. This is coupled with his pledge to ensure that there will be no sanctuary cities.  Boyd is also a lifetime member of the NRA and is a gun owner who wants to protect law-abiding Tennesseans’ right to own a gun and protect ourselves.

Boyd is pro-life and will defend life here in Tennessee.  He believes life comes from God not the government.  He is also an active advocate for adoption and has seen first-hand how power adoption has on a family.  His wife, Jenny, was adopted.

Diane Black

She has served our state well in Congress. Defending Tennesseans and standing up for what we believe in.  Now she is running to be our governor. Black is a lifetime member of the NRA and has an A+ rating.  She is also a pro-life and adoption candidate.

Black believes that the economy in Tennessee is built one small business at a time.  Her “leave no town behind” campaign, she wants to focus on hometown and homegrown jobs.  This means an increase in infrastructure across the state with broadband ranking at the top of her list.

Black is firm on the issues of law and order.  She wants to crack down on the opioid epidemic and human trafficking.  She will work with district attorneys and police to meet their needs.  Tennessee will have no sanctuary express under Black.

Bill Lee

Lee is a political outsider, and a middle Tennessee native.  He believes in the dignity of work and wants to promote participation in the workforce.  He understands that the unemployment numbers don’t account for the many working-age people that have given up.  He wants to re-energize the economy by giving people back their dignity and giving them an economy where jobs are plentiful.

He believes that the government should be run by the people and not by politicians.  This is why he wants to get back to the basics of our Tennessee heritage.  He is pro-life and pro-family.

He wants to want to hold the Department of Children’s Services and the Juvenile Justice System to a higher standard so that no child feels worthless or disposable.

Lee also holds our individual rights to a high standard.  This includes our second amendment rights and our religious liberty.  Tennessee has a faith-based tradition, and Lee believes that more often than not our freedoms are under attack.

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