Kailey C. Nieman is a Co-Founder,  Vice President of iVoteAmerica. She graduated East Tennessee State University in 2018 where she majored in Political Science and Media and Communications. She is currently in graduate school at Liberty University where she will earn her M.S. in Strategic Communications.

It came as no surprise to many in our great state that Bill Lee was the Republican Nominee for governor. He represents so many of our core values and beliefs. He is a farmer, a businessman, a mentor and most importantly a Christian. For many Tennesseeans talking to Mr. Lee is like talking to a friend.

What pushed him over the top, was not his TV ads, his yard signs or interviews. It was his ability to listen and then speak. So often those are in reverse. He went to the areas in our state not known for high donation rates. He didn’t shy away from areas that are so often overlooked. Many of us watched him as he went from small towns to even smaller ones then go to a city. He ate hot dogs at picnics and lived life with the people he was around.

Because his campaign is a direct reflection of Tennesseean’s life and values. It comes as no surprise that the policies he stands go hand and hand with his

This is why so many voted for him, and why people are so excited to vote for him again come November.



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