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As the Coronavirus continues to claim victims and while Americans are quarantining by the millions and countless businesses are shuttered or have altered the way they do business, our great American Truckers are still out there working for America. Our Truckers around the clock are bringing goods and supplies to the market and to needed areas. Without Truckers, America, as many Americans are finding out, would grind to a halt within days.

Note: The cover photo was taken at the 2018 Mid-American Truck Show in Louisville, Kentucky by my friend Taylor Barker who’s a Trucker and Musician. I pray for the safety of all Truckers, especially in this trying time.

Truckers and Social Distancing

Truckers are no strangers to social distancing, often only interacting with others in person when picking up or dropping off a load, outside of the need to make regular stops for fuel, food, restroom breaks, and an occasional shower. Truckers are often on the road for days and weeks at a time, crisscrossing the country from east to west and all points in between, while many make regular runs to Alaska and across Canada and Mexico. They’ve been doing this for decades, often garnering little recognition and many times getting little respect from commuters. Given how some people drive, one is led to think that a lot of folks believe that a fully loaded semi is no different than a highly tuned sports car. In that vein, please don’t follow them to close or cut in front of them, when this happens, their lives and the lives of others around them are put in grave danger. In other words, think of social distancing and now apply that to your driving.

Ports and Trucker Quarantine

Even with major ports slowing to a fraction of their normal workload, such as the Port of Los Angeles which is down to 80%, there’s still considerable tonnage that needs to get unloaded from ships and loaded onto trucks and on the road. With China essentially being closed for business, it certainly affects the number of goods coming into our West-Coast ports but there are more countries America does business with that’s still sending ships laden with goods. If we hinder the trucking industry or force our Truckers into quarantine then our ports will stack up within a few days which will mean that essential supplies will also be stranded, instead of getting to where they need to go.

That’s why it’s so important to ensure we take care of those who handle America’s supply chains, including our Truckers. Recently, it was widely reported that the CDC recommended that anyone leaving the greater New York area should self-quarantine. This advisory was later revised to exclude Truckers but recommended they stay in their trucks as much as possible and maintain at least a 6-foot separation if possible. It was strongly recommended that Truckers who deliver in or live in New York City to practice social distancing and self-quarantining when at home. However, if we allow our Truckers to be placed on the sidelines, we’ll find out just how important the role they play in nearly every facet of American life and industry.


Recently, I’ve been seeing on Facebook and other social media sites that once the Coronavirus pandemic passes that we make October 4th or 10-4 a holiday. I like that idea, we should make October 4th “National Truckers Day,” perhaps not a national holiday but at least a day on the calendar in which we can reflect and remember how important Truckers are and so that we can give them the thanks they deserve at least once a year.

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