Todd McKinley was a 2018 Republican Candidate for Congress in TN-01, he's a retired Army Paratrooper, Bronze Star, Combat Action Badge, and Presidential Service Badge recipient. He’s served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as well 6 ½ years at the White House Communications Agency & White House Military Office. He’s served as an Advance Representative for the Trump Administration, and as an Advance Representative for the 2020 Trump Campaign. Follow Todd: ; ; ; ;

If you’re up to date on the latest news in the world of politics, you’re likely aware that a group of George W. Bush aka “43” administration officials have officially come out in support of Joe Biden. The individuals behind this political action committee (PAC) are calling themselves “43 Alumni for Joe Biden” and as with any news this big in Washington, it was hard to keep under wraps, which is how I heard about it before it became public. However, it wasn’t until the announcement was official that I learned of all the names behind this decision. I must say, I know, like and respect many who are behind this organization and consider them friends, but I disagree with this move.

“We worked for W. WE SUPPORT JOE”

On their homepage it reads “We worked for W. WE SUPPORT JOE” and their “mission is clear” and it’s to “elect Joe Biden as the next President of the United States.” Through their “advocacy,” they are looking to “mobilize a community of historically Republican voters who are dismayed and disappointed by the damage done to our nation by Donald Trump’s presidency.” To do this, they plan to “focus on engaging voters with shared concerns about the future of our country and compelling them to make the right choice by voting for Joe Biden on Election Day, November 3rd, 2020.”

My Interactions with VP Biden

Vice President Joe Biden takes a departure photo with Sgt. First Class Todd MicKinley, WHCA and his family in his West Wing Office, May 13, 2009.
Official White House Photo by David Lienemann.

Before I list several reasons why one shouldn’t vote for the former Vice President for President in November, I want to say a few nice things about the man. During my 20 year and 29 days career in the United States Army, I was fortunate to serve at the White House Communications Agency (WHCA) for 6 ½ years. While serving at the White House, I held a few positions, the last position I held was that of Vice-Presidential Communications Response Officer (VPCRO) and in this capacity, myself or one of the other 4 VPCROs were always on duty wherever the Vice President was in the world. I was in this position for 3 ½ years, 3 of those years was serving under Vice President Dick Cheney and for 6 months under Vice President Joe Biden.

My point in bringing this up is to say that Vice President Biden was always cordial, professional, and plain nice to me during this time. The first extended conversation I had with him was aboard Air Force 2 as we were refueling in Costa Rica enroot to Chile. I can say, in this role, I was regularly within a few feet of the Vice President and I never witnessed him slight anyone or say anything rude or out of line. However, that’s not to say that I didn’t witness other things, some most people are aware of, while other things aren’t, but I digress.

Some Reasons You Shouldn’t Be for Joe

The PAC’s website states that “principles matter more than politics” which I agree, but only when those principles will lead to better policies and under Joe Biden it’s clear that’s never going happen. Joe Biden served as Vice President during the 8 years of the Obama Administration and we witnessed firsthand just how that went. In fact, we’re suffering in the aftermath of their decisions and simply giving the keys to the White House and our government back to the same cast of characters isn’t going to prove any better and it will certainly not bring about a leftist utopia. However, a Biden Presidency will be worse, in fact, the short-list of reasons below are ones I came up with off the top of my head and are just a few reasons why I feel that you shouldn’t vote for Biden either.

Joe Biden was first sworn into elective office as a member of the New Castle County Council, 16 days before turning 28. Before he decided to run for the County Council in 1969, he was already talking about running for the U.S. Senate. Mind you, he graduated from Law School in 1968 and was admitted to the Delaware Bar in 1969, which means he doesn’t have much work experience outside of politics, except jobs one does while growing up, while in high school or college, not that this is a major issue. For what it’s worth, he did gain some experience as an attorney from 1969 until he was elected to the Senate in 1972, which makes him just another attorney turned politician in Washington.

Note: This list isn’t all-encompassing or in any certain order.

  • Joe is a career politician; he’s spent 46 years and 14 days in elective office.

1.) Member of the New Castle County Council from the 4th district: November 4th, 1970 – November 8th, 1972 or, 2 years and 4 days. 2.) Member of the United States Senate: January 3rd, 1973 – January 15th, 2009 or, 36 years and 12 days. 3.) Vice President of the United States: January 20th, 2009 – January 20th, 2017 or, 8 years on the nose. 4.) If you factor his campaign for County Council, his time stumping for other candidates during the 2018 election and his current campaign for President, Joe Biden has been in politics for more than 50 years straight. Not that being in politics for decades itself is a bad thing but being a career politician in Washington is a major issue, as these career politicians and Washington insiders have created countless problems for our nation.

  • It’s clear that Joe Biden suffers from some major cognitive issues. This point isn’t meant to be funny but should be seriously considered before November.
  • Joe Biden’s gaffes are not because of his lifelong stuttering problem, they’re not just the occasional misstatement. His gaffes go far beyond challenging people to “push up contest” and calling them “lying dog-faced pony soldiers.” Most of the time, they’re outright lies, while other times they give insight to how he really thinks such as “Well I tell you what, If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” What about his attempt to recite the starts of the Declaration of Independence when he said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident… you know, all men and women are created by the, go, you know, you know the thing.” Don’t forget his constant incessant that he’s running for the Senate, forgetting Barack Obama’s name, forgetting that the Parkland shooting didn’t happen while he was in office, confusing his wife and his sister, and telling bizarre, rambling stories.
  • His decades in Washington means that he owes countless favors to a lot of people.
  • During his nearly 45 years in Washington, he’s never championed any meaningful legislation.
  • In 1994, Biden was the main author of President Bill Clinton’s Violent Crime Control Act where he encouraged Clinton to “seize control of the issue by upping the ante” on punishment for crimes. This legislation really made millions of African Americans or as he and Hillary called them “Super Predators” into felons for things that most Americans would have gotten off lightly in comparison. It also benefited policing for-profit and subsidized private prisons. The Center for American Progress described it as: “The crime bill also expanded the school-to-prison pipeline and increased racial disparities in juvenile justice involvement by creating draconian penalties for so-called super predators — low-income children of color, especially black children, who are convicted of multiple crimes.”
  • Joe Biden is fundamentally weak, and an unoriginal thinker. This issue coupled with his cognitive issues will make it easier for unaccountable Democrat elites to be the real power behind the Resolute Desk.
  • Throughout the 2020 primaries and caucuses, he went from a moderate or center-left candidate to allowing the Leftist which includes the current supporters of Socialism and Marxist doctrine to push him to uncharted territory for Joe Biden ideologically. Leads anyone with commonsense to ask how easily they’ll push him around once in office.
  • COVID-19 aside, there’s something to be said about a Presidential candidate that must be kept from the public, not that many show up to see him anyway.
  • Throughout his 2020 bid for the White House, he’s wilted from pressure exerted by the “woke” crowd, the “cancel culture” crew, as well as the “social justice warriors” and others. This isn’t leadership, and this isn’t what we need in a Head of State.
  • In 1991, he was the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and was infamous in the way he treated an African American law professor Anita Hill who had made sexual harassment allegations against current Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. I believe as Clarence Thomas said it was a “high-tech lynching” but this has become the Democrat’s M.O. Arlen Specter said Biden told him privately that he thought she “was lying.”
  • Biden’s could care less about civil liberties, as he voted for the infamous PATRIOT Act, which he called “measured and prudent.” In fact, Biden wanted the act to go further and was upset that measures to give police extreme powers in certain undefined circumstances were stripped out. He even bragged that the PATRIOT Act was based on a bill he wrote well before 9/11. If not for civil rights advocates the Biden bill would have eroded constitutional and statutory due process protections.
  • Biden supports using the U.S. Military as domestic police force to “fight terrorism.” He did this while pushing for increased government wiretap power and reduced accountability for law enforcement in these instances.
  • He voted to gut federal habeas corpus protections under the “Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act.”
  • Biden has pushed for mandating tech companies to create ‘back doors’ in their products for law enforcement to be able to access.
  • Biden just like the Clintons supported and voted for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). President Trump calls NAFTA a “bad trade deal” and it’s responsible for many “Rust Belt” jobs going overseas.
  • Biden is a creature of the “swamp,” remember President Trump vowing to drain it, but even the “Gray Lady” The New York Times called Biden’s staff “more than a bit swampy.”
  • Remember, his campaign had to be saved by Democrat insiders, this was done to push Bernie Sanders aside. Up until late in the campaign, he had less than 1/3 the cash Bernie had on hand, this caused him to renege on his promise not to accept corporate-backed super PAC money.
  • Biden spent 8 years as Vice President under Barack Obama, and it says a lot when that he (Obama) was reportedly nervous about a Biden candidacy.
  • Biden’s role in the “Russia Collusion” hoax and its aftermath.
  • Biden and his son Hunter’s $50K a month seat on the board of Burisma Holdings Ltd, Ukraine’s largest gas company.
  • Biden and his son’s dealings in China, especially with corrupt Chinese businessman Ye Jianmin. Ye went to jail for bribery and other things, Hunter admitted Ye had given him gifts as well, to include 2.5 Karat diamond, which Hunter said he “gave it away” without explanation.
  • Biden pulling strings to get Hunter a direct commission in the Navy, which required an age waiver as Hunter was 43 at the time and a waiver for past drug use. A month later Hunter tested positive for cocaine.
  • Biden and his brother’s role in dealing with Costa-Rica and other Central and South American nations.
  • He plays up the “Middle-Class Joe” from Scranton routine, but is a multi-millionaire who owes many favors to the moneyed elite and not the true Middle Class in America. Not playing class warfare here, but when Biden calls out “Wall Street” or the rich and says he’s going to clean it up, it’s done with a wink and a nod or as he put it, “nothing would fundamentally change.”
  • Despite numerous run-ins with Law Enforcement, on a whole host of crimes, those in Joe’s immediate family, namely Joe’s son Hunter, daughter Ashley, brother Frank and, niece Caroline have never faced any real justice. While “Justice is blind,” in these cases, Justice is nowhere to be found. I’m not attacking his family, but it’s all to suspect to be mere coincidence.
  • Biden lied about the driver in the car crash that killed his wife and daughter, saying he had been drunk, which wasn’t true. This led Biden to apologize for publicly smearing him.
  • He’s not called “Creepy Uncle Joe” for nothing.

I could continue, but I think my point is clear and that is, regardless of whether you like President Trump, it’s clear, that he’s far and away better than “Uncle Joe.” Just look at the false scandals that President Trump had to contend with, and still he was successful on a whole host of major issues.

Bonus Reason:

  • When you “Google” the name “Joe,” Joe Biden is listed second, while “Joe Exotic” takes top billing, heck, even “Joe Dirt” makes an appearance. (Not sure if this issue isn’t more about Americans than Joe Biden, but funny, nonetheless.)

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