Kailey C. Nieman is a Co-Founder,  Vice President of iVoteAmerica. She graduated East Tennessee State University in 2018 where she majored in Political Science and Media and Communications. She is currently in graduate school at Liberty University where she will earn her M.S. in Strategic Communications.

The 2018 election cycle was one that Tennesseean’s won’t soon forget. Senator Marsha Blackburn fought hard and secured her place in history as Tennessee’s first female senator. He battle against former Governor Bredesen was one for the record books.

The 2020 election cycle for Senator Alexander’s seat will prove to be just as interesting as the 2018 cycle was. Although no major player has forward as a candidate many are speculating who will jump in the race.

Former Governor Haslam is one name that it as the forefront of the discussion. Representative Fleischmann and Representative Kustoff could also make a great case for the seat.

One thing is for sure that with President Trump running for reelection this campaign will not look like any of the races of years past. Could this be the year that Tennessee picks a political outsider for senate? Businessman Jeff Web has been talked about for this reason.

Only time will tell who is brave enough to brace the swamp and champion Tennessee’s values.

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